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Devils Resume

  • Anubhav Gupta
  • Jan. 16, 2021
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Making Resume with

by Anubhav Gupta has a free portfolio maker integrated and can generate a portfolio similar to this -All the members of Tech Community can have their own live portfolio with us

Some Guidelines

  • Please maintain decorum of the community and avoid adding spam or fishy data
  • The website is highly regulated and for the portfolio have the following things ready as basic biodata
  1. Name
  2. A fancy Tagline
  3. Link to Your Github
  4. Linkedin Link
  5. Country
  6. Email
  7. Skills
  8. About you
  9. Image

  • then you'll need to login to for the real time coding data api there register and configure with your favourite IDE / editor for example in VS code you need to add just an extension and then API key from the account settings.
    Then share the embeddable codes from share option it'll look something like this here

and share the SVG Embeddable codes the fields in the form are labelled as languages and activity
add the url there


the script will look like this
<figure><embed src=""></embed></figure> we need only the url in src=" this part only " for above example it goes as

do same for both activity and languages

Now for the projects part

each project needs these fields :

  • title
  • description
  • link
  • image

Experience Needs This

  • Post
  • company / Organization
  • description
  • image

education needs

  • name
  • institute
  • image
  • link

Now the website is still in it's initial phase hence we can not provide staff credentials to all to avoid things going crazy all the members can write to us at or DM me(Anubhav) yet most of people interested can get the access from me directly till we add authentication and profile parts the website is still in development stage and we hope to see a great resource out of this ,

Future of

I personally would love to make this a platform with online IDE integrated for fun competitions and some leaderboards along with pesonal dashboards and scoring , Tech Blogs are there yet we need a lot of work to be done Newletter is ready but is on hold for content .
a lot of possibilities yet we can aspire and remain creative to achieve them stay Creative
Anubhav Gupta ❣️